photography by marisol dorantes-silva



Marisol is my name, photography is my passion and stories are my inspiration. 

I went from having a full time job, a part time job and an internship to focusing only on my freelance work.  This is a new  -scary, exciting and precarious as hell- adventure. 

So far I've taken three vital lessons from the fascinating visionaries I've had the opportunity to work with- a) be patient (patience is not the same thing as being static) b) be hungry  and c) be willing. So here I am, anywhere you need me to be, with a pen, a camera, lipstick and my drive.  

If you're down for the adventure as a collaborator, employer or general interested party please reach out! I only bite if you try to mess with my raspberry americano. If you're perusing the internet in a zombie like state of insomnia due to the pending doom of finals week, your upstairs neighbor having another colossal fight with her roommate over the stain on a borrowed dress or simply because of the social media addiction we've all developed but refuse to admit is a problem, then welcome and enjoy!  






Take a peek... 

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